Customized sticker apps

for schools, organizations, and businesses looking to enhance engagement and school pride


As a marketer you obviously realize the power of word-of-mouth marketing. STCKRZ is a turn-key solution that can effectively boost brand awareness and school pride for your organization. Imagine students being able to include your school’s mascot in their text messages or showcase an iconic logo in their social media posts. 

With the expansion of stickers and custom keyboards in both Apple IOS and Google Android phone systems, delivering this customized content has never been

Our team of developers & designers work directly with your marketing group to design custom sticker icons such as - school mascots, logos, custom smiley faces, iconic locations, catch phrases, etc. Once designs are finalized, we deliver a standalone sticker app to the app store with your organization’s name/brand in the title. (As an added bonus, we can also develop a short promotional video that let’s your students know that you’ve launched the sticker app.) Students can then download the app for free and immediately begin using the content in their texts & posts.

Our years of experience developing customized apps and new media marketing campaigns makes us a perfect partner for your next new media effort. Drop us a short message here and let's chat -